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250 Hour Articulating Boom And Crane Service
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    All load charts, safety & warning labels are present and legible.
Safety     Check all safety devices for proper operation eg. emergency stop.
Controls     Control mechanisms for proper operation of all functions, leaks & cracks.
Station     Control and operator's station for dirt, contamination by lubricants & foreign materials.
 Hydraulic System     Hydraulic system ( hoses, tubes & fittings ) for leakage & proper oil level & pressure.
Hook      Presence & proper operation of hook safety latches.
Rope     Proper reeving of wire rope on sheaves & winch drum.
Pins     Proper engagement of all connection pins & pin retaining devices.
General     Damaged or missing parts, cracked welds & presence of safety covers.
Operation 1     Observe crane for abnormal performance, unusual wear ( loose pins, wire rope, etc. ).
Operation 2     Observe crane for smooth operation well greased and no rubbing or noise.
Remote Control     Operate remote control devices to check for proper operation eg. remote start and throttle.
Electrical     Operate all lights, alarms, etc. to check for proper operation.
Anti 2 Blocking     Operate anti 2-blocking device to check for proper operation.
Forks     Fork operation for lubrication and security.
Rotator     Rotator operation ( leaks, hoses and fittings ).